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    Group VI: Manguiles

    We are medical students from Ateneo de Zamboanga University- School of Medicine. We are comprised of eight heads, sixteen feet, all walking towards one same destination – MD, MPH. And this blog? THIS is our JOURNEY. Travel along with us as we unravel parts of ourselves unknown even to us, as we venture into regions outside the boundaries of social entities we’ve long been existing in. Rejoice with us. Struggle with us. BE ONE OF US.


    The Home-Along-Manguiles community group exists to help the local government unit in providing quality health care through interventions with wide participation of residents in decision-making. Hence, we exist to strengthen mutually-supportive relationships and networks by integrating strong local, cultural and spiritual heritage in responsible usage of resources to ensure long-term sustainability.


    The Home-Along-Manguiles group envisions a thriving, healthy community wherein the social, environmental, and economic states coexists in equilibrium. Furthermore, we envision of equitable community engagement, intersectoral partnerships, political commitment, a healthy public policy, and an asset-based community development.

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